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Personal Assessments and Church Diagnostics

The diagnostic consists of 21 statements that the church member is asked to grade on a scale of 1-10. The member is asked to rank honestly each of the statements made. From this an assessment is made by compiling all members’ diagnostics into one report. It gives a clear picture of how the church really sees itself in ministry.

Revitalization Conferences

Our Goal is to use these strong Biblical principles to rescue the plateaued or declining church from certain failure and to revitalize the church through the development of a new spirit of prayer, evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship and ministry. Our approach is to influence, train, and equip, churches and church leaders with effective principles, ideas and solutions for the problem of decline in the local church.

We work with churches by coming alongside the church to help accelerate the restoration necessary to revitalize the church and redesign its ministry structures in order to bring the church back to a healthy vitality and church growth. OT is based on Biblical truth and our approach is firmly rooted in Scripture. We believe that every church can be a vital, life changing, soul winning influence for the Kingdom of God.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our coaching/mentoring ministry utilizes the “Preceptor” model and is a vital component in our networking program. Preceptors coach on basics. They lend support and help shape critical thinking skills as they evaluate progress. They offer feedback that should bring improvement. The preceptor has many roles which include being a role model, educator, socializer, friend, and confidant. They model skills, observe and help others develop the same skills. The basic premise is for effective preceptor pastors and churches to be paired with pastors and churches that need spiritual support and encouragement.


Because OT believes that plateau and decline in the church is due to spiritual problems, we approach the problems with spiritual principles and not with popular methods or models of “doing” church. OT focus on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit because apart from Him and His work there will be no spiritual health.

Networking of Resources and Relationships
OT uses networking of resources, churches and church leaders by supporting and encouraging one another, identifying and connecting with churches that are plateaued or in decline. The network is designed to help the pastor and his church team develop a twelve-month plan, using OT programs to teach spiritual principles which will transform and encourage the church to greater spiritual health.

Identification of Plateaued or Declining Churches
OT believes churches can be placed in one of two categories: strong or anemic. OT’s task is to seek to identify those churches that are anemic and provide an opportunity for spiritual growth by connecting them to a stronger church.

Enabling Pastors
OT seeks to enable the pastor and church staff to lead their church in becoming strong once again. It is not a quick fix; rather it is an ongoing relationship between OT, local pastors, and churches. Ultimately the goal is for churches to attain spiritual strength and become spiritually productive thru the application of biblical principles.

Use of Social Media
OT will utilize Webinars, Skype, Facebook, Constant Contact, Vimeo, and You Tube as forms of communication and training among the church leaders and congregations within the network.

Annual Transformation Conferences
OT will conduct regional, one-day Church Transformation conferences across the state to teach church health principles and to encourage pastors and churches. We will utilize well-known church transformation and health experts as conference speakers.

“Round Table” Discussions
OT will hold quarterly “Round Table” discussions with pastors and church leaders to discuss the problems, trends, and difficulties prevalent in weaker churches.

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