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Operation New Life

Church Revitalization

“Operation New Life”
This operation is an intense series of events and meetings which will result in a lasting impact on the church and congregation. The goal is to breathe new life into the church and see it move forward into new growth and better health.

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Awaken Weekend

Awaken Weekend

“Operation Awaken Weekend”
This meeting is a revival-style weekend of expository preaching through four messages out of II Chronicles 7:14. The meetings follow a format with choir music, testimonies, and preaching from Friday through Sunday Evenings.

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Operation Discipleship

Personal Discipleship

“Operation Discipleship”
The discipleship program seeks to help your church members grow deep roots into the word of God and learn how to further that growth on their own. We place an emphasis on the Word of God and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

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Operation Lead the Way

Leadership Inventory

“Operation Lead the Way”
This program is a 1.5 hour conference specifically designed for pastors and church leaders to examine the “present reality” in his personal life and the life of his church. You will be given the tools to move your church forward.

Details Coming Soon
Operation Storehouse

Christian Stewardship

“Operation Storehouse”
This operation prepares your church members to be good stewards of the time and money God has given them. Stewardship is not just a money issue or a time management tool; it is a matter of the heart, and it will impact lives for eternity.

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